Happy Book Release Day!

I’m delighted to let you know that my new novel is now available exclusively from Bold Strokes Books!

The setting is near and dear to my heart: the Cahaba River, one of the most biodiverse rivers in America. The river and its special ecology grounds a story that will take you on an adventure with artist-naturalist Jordan Burroughs, who, while waiting for endangered Cahaba lilies to bloom, finds romance with English professor Maddie Grendel, is befriended by a supernatural being, and is swept into a situation as perilous as the swift currents of the river.

I hope you’ll enjoy this book. Let me know!

And please consider leaving a review on your preferred platform. Aside from purchasing a book (especially directly from the publisher), it’s one of the most supportive things you can do for an author.

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The Fall Line will be available everywhere books are sold after March 14th.

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