Reviews of Aspen in Moonlight on Goodreads

AspenInMoonlight_hires“Oh, what a fascinating and intelligent book! I confess, I neglected household things to finish this story, and I suggest you do the same! This is one of the best books you will read for a long time.”  – Gayle, Goodreads review, 10/26/2019

Reviews are coming in for Aspen in Moonlight on Goodreads!

Before I started reading them I cringed, anticipating some painful criticism of my debut novel, but I was pleased to see an overall rating of 4.5 stars and thoughtfully written reviews.

Reviewers who were looking for an action-packed, high drama, paranormal story were a bit disappointed. However, those looking for a story that allows you to feel the textures of a place, especially the natural world, and encourages you to immerse yourself into the space of the story were quite pleased.

“…this book delivers a slow, sensitive journey from wariness to trust set against the beautiful wilderness of Colorado….The one thing that stood out for me at first is how real the setting is. Ms. Wacker really knows the area, down to the smallest detail from the scent of the forest after rain to the species of native plants and animals. This attention to detail really lent the story an authentic, truly real feeling…”    – Mildred, Goodreads review, 10/25/2019

I’m very appreciative of all the readers who have taken the time to post a review. If you read my (or any) book, please considered posting a review or just assign it some stars. You really help support authors, publishers (especially small, independent ones), and other readers.

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