I’m a Western native currently residing in the Deep South where I teach art history and environmental studies at a public liberal arts university. Deeply connected to the natural world, I spend as much time as I can observing, thinking, and daydreaming while walking with my dog in the fields and along the creeks near my home. I’m inspired by good conversation, nature, art, music, and lots of coffee.

I’m writing in the lesfic romance genre because I believe that we need stories with happy endings like never before. Romance writing today is expansive–it’s often complex and nuanced and increasingly reflective of it’s diverse readership. Even though you know that love will triumph in the end, romances don’t preclude learning about interesting and sometimes troubling things, contemplating philosophical ideas, and expanding your horizons.

In 2018, Bold Strokes Books published my historical romance novella, Holding Their Place, followed in 2019 with my first full-length novel, Aspen in Moonlight. My new book, The Fall Line, will be forthcoming March 2023 and is now available for pre-order! I am blessed to work with a great publisher, editors, and to be within a supportive community of authors and readers.

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