Sweet Summertime

I hope you’re enjoying a few lazy late summer days!

Down here in the Deep South the sticky-hot weather encourages a slower pace. Even my garden is slowing down in the oppressive heat. Fortunately, the farmer’s market is still in full swing and providing opportunity to savor the rich bounty of the summer harvest. Perhaps where you live the peaches are ripe and you’re enjoying a juicy summer pleasure. Why do I mention peaches? Well, read my reminiscence in the GCLS membership spotlight and you’ll understand.

I was honored to be asked to write an essay for the GCLS (Golden Crown Literary Society) Membership Spotlight. In case you don’t know, GCLS is the leading lesbian-themed literary organization for editors, publishers, readers, writers, and friends/supporters. They offer so much to our community from networking to learning opportunities. Learn more about it here.

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