Happy New Year!

I didn’t write a post for Christmas, I hope you’ll forgive me. The holidays were a blur of activity with travel to Colorado to visit family and then baking up a storm and writing as much as possible. I turned on my work email’s auto-responder and I’m not checking it until next year. I’m pretending that’s not just a few days away.

Christmas Eve was enjoyably calm, quiet, and spent basking in the ambient glow of the Christmas tree. This bear is one of my favorite ornaments and, not surprisingly, woodland creatures abound in our tree.


Christmas Day was beautiful and provided a lovely sunset to behold from the edge of my friends’ lake. The water was like glass and the only sound was the occasional chatter of squirrels and a kingfisher.


It seems like it’s been raining ever since and the forecast doesn’t predict any change until after New Year’s. {sigh}

I hope that wherever you are and whatever the weather, you’ll ring in the new year with good company and good cheer—I wish you all the best in 2019!


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