Holding Their Place released today!

Holding Their PlaceI am beyond delighted that my novella, Holding Their Place, is being released today from Bold Strokes Books!  What began as a short story took on a life of its own and practically wrote itself. I’m very happy to have met my main characters, Helen and Julia, and I hope you will, too.

As a historical romance it was important to me that the details be accurate and I spent a considerable amount of time doing research and learned so much in the process. Initially, I had hoped that a woman doctor and ambulance driver wouldn’t be too far fetched and was amazed to learn that not only was it possible, but that two British women doctors had established and staffed three military hospitals during the war entirely with women. I came away with a new and deep appreciation for the women who inspired my characters.

You can read an excerpt here. If you like it and want to read more you can purchase it for download from the same page. It’s available in formats that are compatible with every tablet, smartphone, and e-book reader. It will be available exclusively from Bold Strokes Books for a few weeks before being released to third-party vendors at the same price.

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